Woven Fabric Wristband with RFID

RFID Products

RFID what? Radio-Frequency Identification or RFID products contain a radio-frequency electromagnetic field coil and a chip that provides specific information when queried by a reader device. This way, you can easily identify or track individuals and objects at your event! RFID’s capabilities are almost unlimited and widely used in the events sector.
PVC Cards with RFID

Collecting valuable data

RFID technology offers different levels of access for visitors, crew, artists, athletes and so on, to be easily managed. Because of RFID products, organisers or sponsors can access valuable data like number of visitors, length of time spent at a venue, most visited areas and many other valuable aspects specific to the event. This collected information can later be analysed and used for future marketing and organisational improvements.

Woven Fabric Wristband with RFID


Sponsors can effortlessly communicate with and market to their audiences via RFID interactive applications. This can be done through the use and integration of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, but also through specific data collection. Orakels RFID products e.g. wristbands, PVC cards, number bibs, parking stickers etc. help simplify transactions and eliminates cash by using cash-free systems. Paying with a wristband ensures that theft and fraudulent matters are quickly addressed and queuing time is greatly reduced.

Please note!

RFID products are not available on our webshop and are only produced on request. The products below are available in the webshop without RFID. If you are interested in buying RFID products, feel free to reach out to us!

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