Printed Fabric Wristbands in R-PET ribbon with wooden pearl closure

Our sustainable range

Orakel is a company with a green heart. We always try our best to create environmentally friendly and sustainable products. For example, we innovate in ecological raw materials and we are pioneers in the field of recycled raw materials for making tokens. In addition, the environment in general is an essential part of our policy. Discover our sustainable alternatives on this page.
Tyvek Litter-Free Wristbands with full colour print


Are you looking for wristbands for your event and think it is important to take your environmental footprint into account? Then you can confidently choose our waste-free tyvek, printed fabric R-PET or recyclable paper entry wristbands

The waste-free tyvek wristbands, keeps the protective paper from the adhesive strip attached to the Wristband so that it cannot fall off onto the ground. This way, you avoid extra waste! 

The R-PET ribbon we use for our Textile Printed Wristbands is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. This is the perfect durable control band for a multi-day event! You don't want to use the ribbons for security control but want to go completely green? Then choose the R-PET strap with a reusable wooden pearl closure which allows multiple use of the band.

Our paper wristbands are 100% recyclable with paper and cardboard and made from FSC-certified paper. Suitable for one-day events!

Speaker wearing Lanyard with Badge at conference

R-PET Lanyards

Our lanyards manufactured from recycled PET bottles, are the perfect choice for those looking for an eco-friendly alternative for their event! The R-PET keycords are textile ribbons made from 100% recycled PET bottles and therefore a sustainable choice. We print them in colour with your logo or design. The base colour of the recycled ribbons is ivory.

Fabric Keychain in R-PET ribbon with full colour print

R-PET Keychains

The R-PET textile key rings are a fun, durable, ecological souvenir and are the perfect marketing tool for displaying your logo or brand name. The fabric of these key rings is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. Print the keepsakes for your visitors with a design and give them a sustainable souvenir!

Fishing Net Token with engraving


Since 2020, our tokens are only made of recycled and ecological materials. We have a wide range of tokens with a focus on sustainability and the environment. For example, we have made biodegradable tokens from potato peels which we get from the potato processing industry. We also have wooden tokens made from wood waste and potato peels. They are PEFC certified. In addition, we offer tokens made from old, recycled fishing nets. By doing so, we play our part by reducing maritime pollution. On top of all the previous tokens, we also created the chewing gum token. This token is made from one of the biggest street polluters: chewing gum.

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