Recycled Plastic Tokens

The Classic is Now Also Sustainable

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for the largest quantities

At Orakel, we emboss your design on one or both sides of the token in the same colour as the token. To reduce costs, we offer a number of unique standard designs for which you do not have to pay setup costs.

You can choose for a hexagonal token or go for round tokens with the following diameters: 23,3 mm - 25 mm - 29 mm - 35 mm - 38 mm - 70 mm. In terms of colours, you can choose from 22 basic colours, 4 neon colours, 3 metallic colours and 5 transparent colours.

Please note: The minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces per colour and design.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all tokens have a rim?

Yes, all our tokens have a narrow rim of +/- 3 mm all around for greater comfort.

How thick are the tokens?

At the edge, the tokens are 2,5 mm thick. The rest of the token is 2 mm thick.

Can the tokens be recycled?

Yes, of course! If you no longer need your tokens, you can always return them to us. We then grind them here and can use them again. You will then also receive a 5% discount on your next order.

Why is there a price difference when printed on white or coloured tokens?

If we print coloured tokens, we must ensure that the colour of the token does not come through in the design. We have to print a white layer under the design, which makes production more expensive.

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