Recycled plastic tokens

The Classic is Now Also Sustainable

Plastic tokens are the classics among all tokens. Since Orakel is an eco-friendly company, our plastic tokens are also sustainable: they are made from recycled plastic! You can choose from a wide range of personalisations, colours and shapes. We not only offer round tokens, but also rectangular, hexagonal and even clover-shaped tokens. In addition to the 22 standard colours, you can also choose from 4 fluorescent colours, 3 metallic colours, 3 glitter colours or a transparent token. Do you prefer to have your design embossed, printed or pierced? It's all possible at Orakel! Are you looking for a budget-friendly and quick delivery option? Then be sure to check out our tokens in stock that are always available!

Due to the corona pandemic, there is a global shortage of recycled plastic raw materials. This has regrettably forced us to use virgin plastics temporarily in our tokens. As soon as recycled materials become available again, we will revert back immediately.

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