Personalised Medals with pre-printed ribbons

Personalised Medals

Welcome to Orakel, the specialist in creating unique, personalised medals for any event, sports competition, school party, ... Our mission is to provide your audience with a sustainable reward for their efforts with custom-made medals. Who needs gold when you can go green!
Personalised Medals with pre-printed ribbon in different materials


Medals are traditionally known for being metal, well here at Orakel, we like to think outside the box and have gone one step further. We have no fewer than 9 different materials to choose from to create your medals. From recycled discarded fishing nets, wood waste through to modern acrylic and plywood, we have something available for everyone! 

Each material has it own unique properties that ensure that your medal does not disappear into the back of a drawer or cupboard, but is proudly displayed. They reflect your organisation's focus on sustainability and play a part in creating an eco-friendly event. Make a statement!

Personalised Medals, printed, lasered and engraved


Each medal is personalisable. Depending on the type of material you select, you will be presented with one or more of the following personalisation options:

  • Printed: We print your message in full colour providing an eye-catching result. This can be done on 1 or 2 sides, except for acrylic. We can only print this on 1 side. 
  • Lasered: With the plywood material, you have the option of having your logo lasered into the wood for a unique effect.
  • Engraved: This will have your design embossed on the coin which is raised from the surface and in the same colour as the medal.

Make dates, names, emblems, ... come to life with the personalisation you want.

Custom made Medals in different shapes and materials


We understand that the size and shape of a medal are just as important as the design and material. For the token materials plastic, wood, fishnet, chewing gum and biodegradable, we offer a round shape ø 70 mm. These are large enough to stand out, yet modest for a subtle look.

For other materials, you can choose from a rectangle 45 x 80 mm, circle 70 x 77 mm, square 60 x 67 mm, hexagon 60 x 67 mm and octagon 70 x 77 mm. These medals ensure that the recipient's achievement does not go unnoticed.

Do you have a different size or shape in mind? No problem! We also offer the option of supplying a custom shape to 80 x 80 mm for these latter materials.

Pre-printed ribbons for Medals

Medal ribbon

A medal is not complete without a ribbon. Looking for a quick and easy solution? Then check out our three standard designs on an 20 mm wide R-PET ribbon. These medal ribbons are printed with a neutral pattern that make them suitable for a wide range of various applications. No personalisation of your own required!

You also have the option of personalising your medal all the way down to the ribbon. This gives you the freedom to be creative, whether it's matching the colours of your team or company, adding a logo or even a special message. With customised ribbons, you'll highlight your brand. Like our standard ribbons, these are also made of 20 mm wide R-PET material.

Did you know that we make all our medals in our own production facility in Europe? Our team of experts work closely with your organisation to ensure that the medals are created to your requirements. With a personalised service and low minimum order quantities, we are committed to delivering the best quality for our customers. Contact us today to get your project started!

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