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Face shield

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  • Protection against airborne droplets
  • No irritation around mouth or lip area
  • Large field of view
  • Lightweight

Are you looking for protection against unwanted airborne droplets or splashes? Our transparent face shields are your ideal help!

Your face, mouth and eyes are protected by these masks when social distancing is not possible. The face shields are a good addition to a medical mouth mask and will not cause irritation around the mouth or lip area.

We offer 2 types of face shields: a mask with a sturdy plastic headband and a mask with a simple velcro closure.

The face guard with the plastic headband has a polyester elastic that can easily be adjusted in size per 2 cm. The transparent, spherical screen is 1 mm thick and 240 mm long. This face protection barely weighs 100 grams which makes it very comfortable to wear.

The face shield with the handy velcro closure is provided with anti-slip foam for comfortable use. The transparent PET screen is 0.5 mm thick, 250 mm long and weighs 47 grams.

Face shield plastic headband

2 - 4 € 19
5 - 9 € 17
10 - 19

€ 16

20 +

€ 15


Face shield velcro closure

10 - 19 € 7
20 - 49 € 6
50 +

€ 5,5

Prices excl. VAT and transport




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