Festival Wristbands with Printable Tag

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Combine the woven fabric wristbands with one of our 3 different security closures: metal closure, black plastic tube fastener or safety closure. The festival bands have a width of 15 mm and are 350 mm long.

The black plastic tube fastener has small barbs on the inside. These lock into the fabric when you pull back the closure. This makes it difficult to undo the wristband without damaging it. A tamper-proof choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also get the wristbands in a different size?

Yes, these wristbands can only be made longer. The width is only available in one size otherwise the tag can no longer be attached. More info and prices are available on request.

Do you also offer the wristbands with NFC-tags?

Yes! Discover the full range at our smart products.

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