Woven Fabric NFC-Festival Wristbands

Wristbands with RFID-Tag

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Our woven fabric wristbands with chip offer comfort, durability and security. They are ideal for long-term use, even after the event, and serve excellently as an advertising medium. The wristbands are available with 3 closure options. The NFC chip is integrated into a 35 x 25 mm PVC tag. The front is printed with CMYK colours or variable data, such as consecutive numbering or QR codes. On the back, we engrave the UID (Unique Identifier) of the NFC chip.

The black plastic tube fastener has tiny barbs on the inside that lock into the fabric when you pull back the closure. This makes it impossible to open the band without damaging it. This makes the wristbands with NFC-tag extremely tamper-proof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are other sizes of straps also possible?

These wristbands can only be made longer. The width is always the same because otherwise the NFC tag can no longer be attached. More info and prices are available on request.

Do you also offer the technology behind the NFC-tags?

We only sell the wristbands. It is appropriate to work with a third party for the necessary software and hardware.

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