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We print our R-PET lanyards with your design or logo in full colour. As this material is made of recycled PET bottles, the colour of the ribbon is ivory. For printing we use a sublimation print technique. Unleash your creativity!

Did you know that we offer the R-PET lanyards in 2 different sizes? You can choose between a width of 15 mm or 20 mm.

We offer a range of accessories for your lanyards. Choose from one of our 8 hooks to attach your badge. For extra safety you can also add a buckle or safety release. So the lanyards can always be removed quickly if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard length of a lanyard?

The full length is 90cm as standard.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is also called serigraphy and is a direct printing technique where ink is pressed through a partially open and partially impervious gauze by brushing a plastic spatula (or squeegee) over the gauze. Do you have a design in 2 colours? Then this process happens twice, with different squeegees, so that the colours do not mix.

Can I also choose a print on the back?

Yes, this is possible. Please note that your design will not be equally aligned on every lanyard, because of the production process.

If I re-order these lanyards with the same design, will they look exactly the same as the first order?

Due to the sublimation technology we use, the tone can vary slightly. We cannot guarantee that the colours will exactly match the previous order.

How do I submit my design?

Please send your design in the following file format: .ai, .eps or an editable pdf (vector graphic). The colour code of the design may be in CMYK. Please always vectorise your text.

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