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for the largest quantities

Make your choice between a black print on coloured paper or a multi-colour print on white paper. Both options can be personalised as required and provided with safety features.

For admission tickets with black print, you can choose from the following colours of paper: pink, light yellow, light blue, light green or white. We offer tickets with one or two check strips. Unique numbering is always included in the price. In terms of security features, you can choose from unique QR or barcodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which paper are these tickets printed?

The tickets with black and full colour printing are printed on high-quality paper of 250 grams.

Can I also order these tickets in the form of a booklet?

Yes, that's possible! We can provide the admission tickets in booklets of 25 pieces. You pay a small extra charge for this.

How large are the tickets?

You can choose from the following sizes:

  • ticket with 2 check strips: 210 x 70 mm
  • ticket with 1 check strip: 140 x 70 mm or 100 x 70 mm

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