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Wooden Tokens

Wood is Good


  • Min. quantity: 500 pieces
  • Multiples of 500
  • Amount in stock: 554.200
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Total excl. VAT
R 605.00
VAT (15) R 90.75
Total incl. VAT R 695.75

Estimated delivery time: 1 week(s) .
Price excluding delivery

Do you need tokens quickly? Choose our tokens in stock that can be delivered immediately. We offer 29mm tokens printed in full colour with a different design on each side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all tokens have a rim?

Yes, all our tokens have a narrow rim of +/- 3mm all around for greater comfort.

How thick are the tokens?

At the edge, the tokens are 2,5mm thick. The rest of the token is 2mm thick.

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