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Fishing Net Tokens

Give Fishing Nets a New Life


  • Min. quantity: 500 pieces
  • Multiples of 500
  • Amount in stock: 673.000
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Total excl. VAT
R 425.00
VAT (15) R 63.75
Total incl. VAT R 488.75

Estimated delivery time: 1 day(s) .
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Do you need tokens quickly? Choose our tokens in stock that can be delivered immediately. We offer 29mm tokens embossed with a different design on each side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the fishing net tokens available in different colours?

No, you can only order them in turquoise.

Can I have the fishing net tokens printed?

No, you can only have them embossed. Ink does not adhere well to this material.

Do all tokens have the exact same colour and dimensions?

We cannot guarantee this. Since we work with a recycled material, there may be a slight colour difference in the base material. As a result, the fishing net tokens can differ in colour. In addition, there is also a little variation for the size of the ocean tokens, which means that these are not always exactly the same size. However, we try to limit this as much as possible.

What percentage of fishing nets are there in this product?

The material consists of 95% old fishing nets and 5% binder for good quality.

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