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Festival tokens

What? Break-off tokens?


  • Min. quantity: 15000 pieces
  • Multiples of 3750
  • Amount in stock: 82.500
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Total excl. VAT
R 3,900.00
VAT (15) R 585.00
Total incl. VAT R 4,485.00

Estimated delivery time: 1 week(s) .
Price excluding delivery

For large events, festival tokens are ideal. Do you need them quickly? Then choose from our festival tokens in stock that can be delivered immediately. You can choose from 6 different designs, printed on one side of the white sheets. These square tokens are made from recycled plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the sheet and of each token separately?

The sheet measures 12 cm by 12 cm. Each token separately measures 23 mm by 23 mm.

Can each coin on the sheet be broken in two?

Yes, each coin can be broken in two, excluding the middle coin. This one has no break line and can therefore not be broken in two. We do this to guarantee the durability of the sheet.

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