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Biodegradable Tokens

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  • Min. quantity: 500 pieces
  • Multiples of 500
  • Amount in stock: 38.000
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Estimated delivery time: 1 week(s) .
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Do you need tokens quickly? Choose our tokens in stock that can be delivered immediately. We offer 29mm tokens embossed with a different design on each side. They are available in the colour bordeaux

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also wash the biodegradable tokens in the dishwasher or washing machine?

This is not possible. Due to the degradable properties, contact with water and washing-up liquid is not recommended. For the maintenance of these eco-friendly tokens, we recommend cleaning the coins with a slightly damp cloth.

What standards do the biodegradable chips meet?

The material that we use for our biodegradable tokens meets the European standards for biodegradation (EN13432).

What can I do with tokens that I no longer use?

You can send us your used tokens if you no longer need them. We then grind them back to raw material. You will then also receive a 5% discount on your next order.

Are the biodegradable tokens all the same size?

We cannot guarantee this. Due to the properties of the raw material, there can be a slight variance on the tokens, which means that they are not always exactly the same size.

Have you already tried composting these tokens? How does this happen?

Yes, we have tried this. We put some tokens in planting soil, and after a few months the tokens had completely disappeared. It is very important that the tokens are exposed to rain, UV rays, oxygen, and bacteria so that they can be converted into CO₂, water, and biomass. This process takes a couple of months.

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