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Card holders

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  • Protects your badges
  • For 1 or more cards
  • Various colors and sizes
  • Many accessories available

To facilitate ease of recognition,  rigid plastic card holders are available.  They can be attached to a Lanyard,  yoyo clip,  swivel clip etc and they will also protect the Plastic Cards from damage.

We offer card holders for one or six cards, in different styles, colours and sizes.

Plastic Pockets
As an alternative to the rigid card holders, we offer plastic pockets in a flexible soft perspex. These are available in various sizes and colours.

We have available Clips, Hooks, Safety Pins, Alligator Clips and Lanyards as accessories for the Card Holders and Plastic Pockets.

Please download here the brochure with all of our plastic pockets, card holders and accessories.


Please download the pricelist. 
Prices excl. VAT and transport. 



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