Tally Counters

Quick and Easy Counting

Are you looking for a manual counting system? Our hand tally counters are handy to use at the entrance of your event at a concert, stadium, bar or theme park to count the number of visitors, but also for stock counting to keep track of the number of goods or even to count the number of strokes during a game of golf.

Min. quantity: 1 pieces

Estimated delivery time: 1 day(s) .
Price excluding delivery

Our tally counters increase the safety at your event. The counter is easy to use due to its small size. You only have to press one button to increase the number by 1. The numbering runs to 9.999. You can use the counter at the entrance, so you can keep track of the number of visitors. This way you can be sure that you will not exceed the maximum number of people allowed on your site. In addition, the hand counter is efficient when you want to count the number of goods in your annual stock count.