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For Bargain Hunters

In our sales corner, we offer products that will be discontinued from our range. We sell the remaining stock at a favourable price. Look around our range of wristbands, number bib holders, hearing protection for children and more.

Note: these products are available while supplies last.


Thermal medical wristbands are easy and quick to apply, non-transferable and discreet. The wristbands are designed specifically for hospitals and other healthcare facilities to identify patients.

In the sales corner we offer thermal medical wristbands for infants, children and adults which you can print yourself with our thermal printers. The wristbands for infants and children are available in the colours white and red/white striped and always have a self-adhesive closure. The adult wristbands are also available in the colours white and red/white striped. The white wristbands always have an adhesive closure and the red/white striped wristbands always have a plastic clip closure like vinyl wristbands.

These wristbands are packed in rolls of 200 pieces