Printed Fabric Wristbands

Fabric Festival Wristbands ... Printed!

Fabric printed wristbands are the perfect access control for a multi-day event. We print the bands digitally so that your design is very detailed and all CMYK colours are possible to choose from. We also print colour gradients, numbering, QR codes and barcodes. We offer 5 different materials: the standard woven ribbon, satin, R-PET, silky ribbon and polyester ribbon with reflective stitching.


The R-PET ribbon is made from 100% recycled PET bottles and is slightly ribbed. The ecological wristbands are 15 mm wide and 350 mm long. We offer 2 different closures for single use: a metal closure and a plastic tube closure. Moreover, we also have 2 closures for repeated use: the reusable metal or wooden pearl closure.

The plastic tube closure has small barbs on the inside that attach to the fabric when you try to pull back the closure. You cannot remove the wristband after closing without damaging it, which prevents tampering. This closure is round and black.

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