Litter Pickers

There's Nothing as Annoying as Litter on the Ground

Thanks to our litter picker you can easily pick up litter from the ground without having to get your hands dirty. This way, you can keep the environment of your event effortlessly clean. The litter picker has a handle with which you can open and close it.

Min. quantity: 1 pieces

Estimated delivery time: 1 day(s) .
Price excluding delivery

Thanks to its weight of 310 grams, the Orakel litter grabbers are light and easy to use. The black bar consists of an aluminum tube and the green grip is made of hard plastic. A handle is provided at the top of the grab aid, making it easy to operate with one hand. Since the black tube is 92 cm long, you no longer have to bend to collect waste. You can open the grab up to a maximum of 10,5 cm.