Glow Products

Be Radiant, All Night Long

Make every event moment unforgettable with our glow products. When the 2 liquids in the plastic tube come into contact with each other, a chemical reaction is created which makes the products light up. You do this by slightly bending the stick and shaking it. Glow products are a safe light source, they are neither irritating nor flammable. They are made of water-resistant material and can therefore also be used underwater.


At Orakel you can find glow products in many shapes and colours. Our glow sticks or light sticks are plastic tubes that, after bending them slightly with 2 hands, spread a beautiful glow. The sticks are equipped with a handy hook, so that you can hang them up. They stand out immediately with their bright colours and are often used at parties, in tents and even in the fire department as they are watertight.

We offer the light sticks in 2 sizes. The choice of your size also determines how we package them:

  • 15 cm x 1,7 cm: We pack 25 in a bag. You can order from as little as 4 packs.
  • 25 cm x 1,2 cm: We sell our largest glow sticks in 10 pieces in a tube. You can order from as little as 10 tubes.

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