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We create unique, printed security products by adding non transferable safety features such as glossmarks, micro text, UV-printing, correlation text, intrared printing and barcoding. These features enable you to detect counterfeited products easily
Our digital printing technique offers high quality, photo finish designs and flexibility insmall ranges.


We treat our clients as we would like to be treated ourselves: a personable, knowledgeable team offering quality products, sensibly priced with fast and efficient service.


Founded in 1996, Orakel launched the first company in Europe to offer  a unique range of products.
By designing and manufacturing our products in-house, our team, well respected within the industry for their level of expertise is able to respond swiftly to the needs of our clients. 


We believe Orakel's succes lies in meeting the needs of our clients with an constantly evolving product range, every new situation which presents itself fuels fresh inspirational answers.
You can follow our newest developments through our website and facebook.


At Orakel we work to support the ethos of  'People, Planet, Profit'. We balance the care of our clients, the welfare of our staff, working with respect for the earth's resources and reducing our carbon footprint whilst contributing to a  flourishing economy.

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